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Whether renovating an Early American frame or constructing one from new timber, we take no shortcuts. The key to post and beam construction is the joinery: fully housed mortise and tenons, draw-bored pegs, scarf joints, continuous plates, birds’mouth rafters. Rather than adapt the joinery to accommodate modern manufacturing methods, we feel it is important to execute the precision joinery proven to be needed for the structural integrity of this type of building.

When buying furniture, are you the type of person who pulls out a drawer or looks underneath to examine the details of the construction? Does the quality of workmanship influence your decisions? If so, you will like what you see with a Liberty Head Post & Beam frame. We encourage you to look deeper than just seeing large exposed beams. Compare the joinery and the structural details. The quality and structural integrity can be seen in the level of craftsmanship we incorporate into our frames.

Our frames are constructed with the same careful attention to detail as those of a century and a half ago and we are confident they will serve equally as well.


Housed Mortise & Tenon


Scarfed Splice


Bird's Mouth Rafter

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