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Years ago, when this country’s wealth was based on an agrarian society, the barn was the center of activity. The barn provided shelter for crops, animals and tools that were the life-blood of the farm families existence. It was common for the farmer to place his pride and resources into the construction and maintenance of the barn long before the family’s house.

Today, even though the house is usually of greatest priority, many of us still feel the importance of investing in a well built timber framed barn. The exposed wooden timbers display massive strength and structural integrity, and bring a feeling of peace and security during those late nights spent in the barn.

As with our houses, each of our barns is custom designed. Whether for the family pony or a large stable of fine horses, a sheep shed or sugarhouse, a carriage barn or perhaps a roadside market garden stand, we would like to design and build your barn just for you. Your needs, site conditions, aesthetics and budget will determine the design of your barn. We would be happy to assist you in developing your ideas.


Carriage Barn


Farm Barn


Gabled Roof Barn


Show Barn

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